Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Nowadays, wherever we go or whatever we do, we will always have people who are willing to come on board to embark on the same journey. But, we may all share the same journey and not all of us would arrive at the same destination. Some may be pushed off half way through or some may even jump off from the vessel when cabin fever sets in, and then we may even have unknown strangers climb on board half way through. Yet again, we may all arrive at different destination.

Often, we would always hear how people should engage and collaborate with each others in cooperation at everything that we do, this is called Teamwork. It is important to be a team player, it drives you through motivation and determination, when you fall down and your team is certain to be there to catch you, you will have the supports you need and those who need you will have your leadership. But, sometimes, not all teamwork are ought to be as it is because at certain level of probability we will always have people who are called the Opportunists.

So, the opportunists, who are they and what do they do? I am not gonna elaborate this formally but instead I will give you an informal forms of it, because opportunists are people that usually like to hide in the dark, yet you can find them easily if only you would switch on the light. They are usually smart, but not too smart. They are highly motivated, but with hidden agenda. They are very flexible and casual, but will always play strict behind the scene. They are very demanding, but their greatest weakness is their greed.

These people who are opportunists often do have great talents, but the downside is they are misled by the wrong values. The wrong values that strengthen their greed and perhaps obsession too so to speak. Their motivation often comes with a motive, or a hidden agenda, which usually benefits themselves as an individual. They can be very good at suggestions, contributing ideas, highlighting problems and pin point key issues but they would hardly provide solutions, especially the justifiable ones. Even if they are able to provide solutions which seems feasible, but the limitation is visible to their own benefits.

One thing for sure is that they are not able to innovate, as innovation requires greater values of integrity and not just intelligence, but they are able to adapt with it. Whenever someone who is smart enough to workout an innovative and ingenious solutions, they will always be the first one to agree and claim they have thought the same with high efficiency, though they may not know what they agree with most of the times. This is in my experience across the table that I have seen by far in the industry, it amuses me sometimes.

They would call you when they need you, they would treat you well when they need you, and they will only look for you when they have problems. But when the success has been achieved, they will be the ones to claim the credit for it while you will just be left behind and making a fuss that someone has taken you for granted or been taken advantage of or even blaming yourself for being used. So as to say that not everyone arrives at the same destination in the end. But lesson learnt of course, you will have to be more careful next time.

So, in order to save yourself from these opportunists, you must first be able to defend yourself by setting your privacy right. Do not simply be convinced that you will succeed easily, sometimes as much as we wanna be successful we tempt to feel there is a need to rush for it. We must always remember that success does not come overnight and that it takes time with determination to build. Do not let your guard down of your true values, always do the right thing for yourself and especially for the people that sincerely believe in you. When you know these opportunists are around you, you can draw a thin red line to set them apart; be nice to them but with restrictions and orders, and don't simply disclose any valuable information too easily, you may confuse them or divert their attentions because by doing that they will leave automatically when they feel there is nothing from you that can benefit them.

We must always be careful at what we do, because sometimes we may not even know what we have done may cause harms to others. And, in order to reassure yourself that you are bound on a voyage to the same destination as your team, surround yourself with the right people who do share the same values with you, and not just only the same dream or goal, because as I mentioned earlier you may all arrive at different destinations.

Be nice to people for the sake of humanity, so that your integrity and dignity are sure to last, and that you will always be respected and remembered by the people around you and generations to come. Be the right person for the right cause, and that you shall always be on the righteous path of the superior in greater good. So, if you ever feel that the opportunists are around you, you can always choose to ignore them because your life is your choice to make.

By Jacques Yvez

Once again...

Once again, life can be rewritten over and over again as you may.

So, here I am, back in my blog which has been dormant for quite awhile...well, years I suppose. It is just amazing how time has passed and gone have the age. Yesteryear just seems so yesterday, how I dearly miss the days of the past, especially those of the happy and joyful days. 

Life as it is can often slipped by us in a blink of an eye when we are too busy or focus at what we do, and we may even miss the train that could have brought us to another journey of undiscovered mystery, be it good or bad. The journey of life can be uncertain, though I used to think that you can live the way you want it, but challenges do come so as obstacles and this is the time for you to prove yourself worthy of the journey that you so desire for.

It has taken me awhile to realize where I am today; honestly, I guess I have not changed much in my own perspective, because I am still that person chasing that sunset, searching for that glory of triumphing a higher and tougher mountain. Is it a good or a bad thing? I just don't know as it leaves me in doubt at times, worse is confusion.

I feel lost at times, and I still do. I get distracted along the way, and it gets interesting sometimes or just nothing. Then, I hit the wall unknowingly sometimes too, where I learn my mistakes and lesson. So perhaps, the life cycle has not changed, though you thought it has changed as we grow older (I thought so too as we age). But surprisingly, there are things that happen over and over again, but in different manners and ways, and it can get more difficult or easier if you would tackle it.

So here's my point; what do I want exactly in my life? Of all people, I would not ask others of this question but I rather ask myself from time to time. It gets very random I must say, perhaps the answers are not the most important thing to know, but rather it is more important to know if my focus and discipline are in the right track.

And honestly, over the years, sometimes I just do not know what I want. Life feels meaningless and empty at times, though it is good to feel that way as there is no war or crisis in where I live. But internally as for myself, it can be a bad thing since I would not know what I desire for. Yet, this is the exact moment where I would take a step back and relax by neither trying to search for the answer or think of anything else. I would just sit back, relax and enjoy the breeze while it last. As I mentioned earlier, when you're too occupied, the good things would slip by you eventually.

In life, the important thing is not just to chase the big things, but also pay attention to the little details that would be the hint towards a greater good. I realize many people nowadays tend to ignore the small little things in life, where as the little things in life can actually create a big impact onto ourselves and others. Even if some happiness could only last for a short moment, but it can be a sweet or inspirational memory of a lifetime. It can be anything from love to peace, from harmony to serenity, etc.

So, nowadays, I do say what's there to be so driven about when chasing after the bigger picture, when people don't know that they have missed the golden opportunity in the smaller picture. Be it at work, school or home some people just tend to miss the smaller things which bring greater good.

I value things that are more sentimental and not entirely materialistic for those of you who know me well. I believe we all serve a purpose in life, and money is not everything disregard of your wealth statuses. Thus, instead of asking myself what do I want, I would ask myself what purpose do I serve in this world? And, I can say that it is the iron will that I have pushes me to every single mile ahead and again. It doesn't just stop there, it goes on and on, till I have that place of glory in somewhere.

Once again, I am thankful that I am still here on earth today. I am grateful for the good and bad that have brought upon me in the past, because they have made me what and who I am today. Today is not just the only day, but yesterday was a day to be remembered for always, tomorrow will be a better day and so as the day after tomorrow.

Live life as it is, live life to the fullest, do what you love and love what you do. Love yourself and so to love others, for love is the greatest power of all. Care for others as you would, as selflessness is a key to unlock kindness. Be gentle and kind, so others may respect you in return. We may not know what the future holds, but your good deeds shall always be deeply remembered. Life as we know is in your very hands, so live.

By Jacques Yvez

Monday, February 25, 2013

Begin to End?

Why even bother to begin when you could see the ending? It is frustrating to know how much risk I would take. Am I seriously that dumb enough to fall for something that's not worth fighting for? And making myself sad in the very end.

Yeah, I can say I brought this upon myself and I'm taking the blame for it. I really hate myself for being soft hearted at times. Not that I expect anything, but whenever I treat people nicely and I just don't get appreciated.

It always happen to me no matter how many times I have been through this. I tried to be mean, brutal and heartless but that's not who I am at all. Sometimes, I feel like nobody could ever see the good side of me but only the dark side.

Yet the dark side has never taken over me. I don't know how I should say this but I hate falling outta love. It is something that I have committed to in the beginning yet it all still falls apart in the end. I guess it does really mean to say what's meant to be will always be, what's not will not be...right?

Is this destiny or fairness in this world for all of us? I pray to God for an answer. But no matter how, I know that I will survive the hard times and be a better person each time.

Perhaps it is really time to move on and neglect the past for a new beginning. It is my life that matters and I shall treasure it. Live it as I should, forgive and forget. Let fate be while I keep my faith strong for myself in this life.

Tomorrow is a new day, and everyday will be a better day. I gotta be strong and I will be. In God's will I live, and Karma will visit everyone. The journey of life is filled with wonders yet it is the choice that we make matters. 

That's all for now. God bless.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 - Bienvenue!

I lived, I came, I saw of 2011.

The past is written, and a memory to be kept.

The future is unwritten,

It is uncertain,

It is unknown.

For 2012,

There is only 3 words;

Live, Love, Life.

Happy New Year, everyone.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Forget, not.

Do not forget your own place,
Do not forget where you stand,
Do not forget the journey came along,
Do not forget the will within your stand.

Neither forget what was once to be,
Neither forget what was once meant so,
Neither forget what was once being thought,
Neither forget what was once a promise.

Never forget the words that made,
Never forget the soul that entwined,
Never forget the synchronization of all,
Never forget the ever after.

Will not forget the will was made,
Will not forget the given of give,
Will not forget the shall that be,
Will not forget the being of made in promise.

Shall not forget promises meant,
Shall not forget emptiness meant,
Shall not forget my place in your's,
Shall not forget your place in mine.

Do not forget what once being shared,
Do not forget what once being cared,
Do not forget what once being angered,
Do not forget what once being loved.

Do not forget, shall there be forgiveness always...

By Anonymous J.Y 

Sunday - Worst Day!

I really dislike Sunday, I mean I used to hate it a lot but recent months I got myself quite liking Sunday when there was a person you could spend time with. But now, that syndrome is back again! Sunday is really fucking killing me slowly inside. It feels like forever to be in a Sunday, everything just seems to have disappear or time passing by too slow. What the hell is going on?!?!? Sunday is a madness!

The most favourite day of the week for me is Monday, I love Monday more than anyone else could ever imagine. It is the day that starts everything, like feeling a rebirth and brand new sensation. I love Monday, so don't hate it though I know many people complain about Monday blues. Go the hell with it because you don't know how it feels to be stuck in boredom on a Sunday! I rather get busy and filled myself up with things to do. Maybe it is because I am still young, energetic and restless. So perhaps, some day I might like Sunday once again.

Life without you has been different for a Sunday, it is much more lonely than before. I can't help myself thinking that I have a day all by myself doing nothing, though I still workout and hang around at the bikeshop, yet that meant nothing because there is no companionship. I love my training, yet even on a Sunday now I do not have the mood to train! I hate this feeling, like Sunday seems to be forever, it's just not getting me right enough to live a day! Sleep, I did sleep for a long nap in the afternoon, still that made things worse by getting me feeling so dull and sober - I woke up like feeling "What the hell? It's Sunday afternoon and I'm bored." - I just wanna get busy yet I can't seem to find anything else better to do.

I got a list of what I can and would do on a Sunday:
- Training (Morning & Afternoon): Training alone gets boring!
- Nap: I could sleep all day long and still feeling bored!
- Laundry: I get them done too quickly and still I feel bored!
- Housework: Too easy and I still bored after that!
- Watch TV: TV just makes me feeling even more sober, bored!
- Online: The worst thing ever to do on a Sunday and there has been no one to chat with, bored!
- Blog: The only way to speak my heart out, not too bad!

So you see, I get bored really quick, like extremely quick. I've been through so many challenges in my life and it feels like nothing is ever more challenging, though I know there will be more challenges to come, but anyway, I'm prepared and ready to deal with it. So what else can I do????????? Shopping spree? Nothing ever to buy in Miri, other than hanging out in Starbucks and fall asleep on the couch in public. I still do hang out with my friends on a Sunday, and men's talk are nothing seriously, it's like talking over nothing and ends with nothing and nothing. Dating? Haven't really thought about it for a Sunday, so not in the idea.

I am starting to think that my Blog is my bestfriend now, in a way, because it is the only place I can speak my heart out. There is no one else in the world to listen to me, everybody is busy with their own life or so, and I am happy to all my friends who are either married or attached; you guys are blessed! But I'm feeling lucky enough that no one really reads my blog, so I say whatever I want and wish to. There're ups and downs, but most of the time I will just spill it out, or certain matters I wouldn't. Sunday huh? I guess I need to plan out my Sunday more efficiently compare to other days.

Home alone! That is the worst part now having the whole family away and leaving the house to me only! I am seriously screaming my head off like there is no tomorrow! I need to do my own laundry for 2 weeks, cook my own meals for 2 weeks, clean up the house by myself for 2 weeks, and guard the house for 2 weeks! How pathetic is this while everyone else is enjoying themselves? This is not right, taking care of the house is not challenging at all because I am being left...ALONE! Well, there's a Cat and a Dog. Oh my God, I just don't know what else to do with myself other than facing up the wall. I can't wait for my time to come to travel, I need to break free - we're soaring, we're flying! With me being left alone by everyone else, life is just so horrible - it's a fuckin' nightmare!!!

But overall, to come and think about it, there is a bright side to it. I may be bored, left alone, left with nothing, and all by myself. At least, I feel I am at peace - there is no war, no trouble, no disaster. I just feel fine, left alone in peace, very quiet, and untouchable. It feels...HARMONIC! Being alone feels like a blessed sometimes, even though it feels really boring and lonely, yet it is really peaceful like there is nothing to bother and to be disturbed about. I smiled at myself again today by the pool, and somehow I just said to myself "I'm fine, I'm just feelin' fine..." whatever that got me saying this I had no idea, it felt like saying so because I'm alone.

So I'm coming home, but there is no baby to call, there is no love to hug, no dinner ready, no cuddle to wake me up in the morning. It's just me by myself all alone, and I wish you were here, still.

Enjoy the new song on a Sunday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Recently, a colleague of mine got admitted to the hospital in a manner of sudden on Thursday afternoon. I wasn't in the office that time because I was out meeting the whole day till 12am!!!!! Yes, the longest meeting I've ever had in a day! So then, on Friday I was told that he had some chest pain problem so he had to be rushed to the hospital.

He left his laptop and personal belongings in the office, which I was surprised to see. The other guys were kind enough to pack everything for him, and nothing was stolen. Then, suddenly there was a money collection envelope going around the office and to my discover that it was him, who got admitted to hospital, then grandmother had passed away. That was pretty weird because it all seemed to happen too sudden at the same time. 

So I didn't really bother to ask what's going on because I never wanna get involved in anything with anybody in a work place. It is just my policy of being so, because work is work, whatever is outside the circle of work you're nobody to me. That is just one of the way of keeping your personal relationship distant away at work, so nobody could accuse you for anything, like suck up.

Then, it came yesterday, I was just surfing Facebook as usual at home, since I had nothing more to do. Bloody hell, speaking of yesterday I woke up for nothing to go to MCOT because the engineers did not turn out, what a waste of my time! So I ended having good breakfast and a good chat at the usual place again, that made my morning beautiful.

So while I was in Facebook, I realized my colleague's girlfriend has a new boyfriend...! I was puzzled at first, really confused, stunned, eyes wide opened, and really thought if it was a joke or something. My colleague and his girlfriend have been together for over 3 years now, if I am not mistaken, she works in Shell and he works in WSB. She frequently fetched him for lunch, or some times from work, they are always seen together sweetly and happily anyway. I think at some point, they've already planned to get married. So, in her Facebook, it says she's in a relationship with a new guy. Many people commented on it because they were shocked. Then I realized my colleague and her are no longer connected in Facebook anymore, so I guess I might be able to imagine what has been going on.

I looked at my colleague's Facebook today, there were concerns on him and asked if he is fine. But obviously he's not so he commented that he's not. I didn't bother to add him because I do not add colleagues to my Facebook, so they won't know what I am up to! So after seeing what has happened to my colleague, I felt kinda sad for him as well because I have been going through the same thing as he did, except that his grandmother passed away and my aunt did not. I hope he did not do anything silly, because he is a really nice person and a smart engineer, and he deserves much better. I am not sure if I will see him in office on Monday, but I just hope that he can be strong enough to pull this through.

Now that I have learnt I am not alone facing such pain in this world, and knowing that people who serves cruelty are getting more, I am no longer afraid to walk my way in the path of the light. People can be selfish  for their own benefits, and not considering about others. But I guess these are the passer-by who will eventually teach us a lesson to be stronger and better person. They can pull a lot of pain on us, sometimes it hardly even allows us to breath, and helplessly, but they can never kill the dignity and will in us. They may think they are the most perfect kind in the world, but again, the most superior is God and only He can judge - and not you to lay your lies. There is always a playbook named Karma, if you choose to live with regrets then it is, if not then it is never too late. I forgive those who have done and said things about me, but whether you forgive yourself or not, I wish you would because it is for your own will. Do not feel guilty for your own action, for it is the choice you have made. Only to find courage in yourself to make things right, that will be the savior of yourself. Then again, those who are selfish and heartless - je n'aime pas qui vous ĂȘtes, mais vous ĂȘtes un idiot putain! Life has a choice, choose it wisely.

Last night, I was enjoying my movie not till somebody text me at late night. I have not heard anything from this girl, "J", for a long time, so I was kinda surprised to see her message. The first thing she asked is if I know some guy name "L", then I told her I do and he's a good friend of mine. The next reply she gave me was that she made out with him at the bar. I was kinda surprised she would do that, because "L" is married with two kids. Well, we all know "L" was kinda playful before and got caught red handed by his wife previously and never thought he would start cheating again. I told "J" to back off because she really needs to do so and stop seeing him, because "L's" wife get really crazy if she knows about this. I hope "J" will take my advice seriously and not crossing the line, even if she does there is nothing I can do. "L" will always be who he is, I guess we know him too well. And "J", she is in desperation for a new guy and keep asking me if I know anyone to introduce her to. I hate this, because I am not a match-making person!

But again, what's up with all the cheating going on these days? Are people too bored? I just don't get it, everybody wants to be pleased and not everybody is born to please! Is this society getting sick or what? People needs to learn to appreciate all the little things and not taking everything for granted. Everybody has a soul and heart - gotta respect if you wanna be treated the same as well. Everyone is everyone else's child and family, and it is never the right thing to hurt them badly. Overall, has everything been happening coincidentally? Maybe yes or maybe no, as far as I know, I am praying for better days and hopefully this pain and loneliness will go away some day.

Life is short, live it to the fullest and don't take it for granted. For what it's worth, it is how much you have given in to the life that is given to you. Live =)