Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Nowadays, wherever we go or whatever we do, we will always have people who are willing to come on board to embark on the same journey. But, we may all share the same journey and not all of us would arrive at the same destination. Some may be pushed off half way through or some may even jump off from the vessel when cabin fever sets in, and then we may even have unknown strangers climb on board half way through. Yet again, we may all arrive at different destination.

Often, we would always hear how people should engage and collaborate with each others in cooperation at everything that we do, this is called Teamwork. It is important to be a team player, it drives you through motivation and determination, when you fall down and your team is certain to be there to catch you, you will have the supports you need and those who need you will have your leadership. But, sometimes, not all teamwork are ought to be as it is because at certain level of probability we will always have people who are called the Opportunists.

So, the opportunists, who are they and what do they do? I am not gonna elaborate this formally but instead I will give you an informal forms of it, because opportunists are people that usually like to hide in the dark, yet you can find them easily if only you would switch on the light. They are usually smart, but not too smart. They are highly motivated, but with hidden agenda. They are very flexible and casual, but will always play strict behind the scene. They are very demanding, but their greatest weakness is their greed.

These people who are opportunists often do have great talents, but the downside is they are misled by the wrong values. The wrong values that strengthen their greed and perhaps obsession too so to speak. Their motivation often comes with a motive, or a hidden agenda, which usually benefits themselves as an individual. They can be very good at suggestions, contributing ideas, highlighting problems and pin point key issues but they would hardly provide solutions, especially the justifiable ones. Even if they are able to provide solutions which seems feasible, but the limitation is visible to their own benefits.

One thing for sure is that they are not able to innovate, as innovation requires greater values of integrity and not just intelligence, but they are able to adapt with it. Whenever someone who is smart enough to workout an innovative and ingenious solutions, they will always be the first one to agree and claim they have thought the same with high efficiency, though they may not know what they agree with most of the times. This is in my experience across the table that I have seen by far in the industry, it amuses me sometimes.

They would call you when they need you, they would treat you well when they need you, and they will only look for you when they have problems. But when the success has been achieved, they will be the ones to claim the credit for it while you will just be left behind and making a fuss that someone has taken you for granted or been taken advantage of or even blaming yourself for being used. So as to say that not everyone arrives at the same destination in the end. But lesson learnt of course, you will have to be more careful next time.

So, in order to save yourself from these opportunists, you must first be able to defend yourself by setting your privacy right. Do not simply be convinced that you will succeed easily, sometimes as much as we wanna be successful we tempt to feel there is a need to rush for it. We must always remember that success does not come overnight and that it takes time with determination to build. Do not let your guard down of your true values, always do the right thing for yourself and especially for the people that sincerely believe in you. When you know these opportunists are around you, you can draw a thin red line to set them apart; be nice to them but with restrictions and orders, and don't simply disclose any valuable information too easily, you may confuse them or divert their attentions because by doing that they will leave automatically when they feel there is nothing from you that can benefit them.

We must always be careful at what we do, because sometimes we may not even know what we have done may cause harms to others. And, in order to reassure yourself that you are bound on a voyage to the same destination as your team, surround yourself with the right people who do share the same values with you, and not just only the same dream or goal, because as I mentioned earlier you may all arrive at different destinations.

Be nice to people for the sake of humanity, so that your integrity and dignity are sure to last, and that you will always be respected and remembered by the people around you and generations to come. Be the right person for the right cause, and that you shall always be on the righteous path of the superior in greater good. So, if you ever feel that the opportunists are around you, you can always choose to ignore them because your life is your choice to make.

By Jacques Yvez

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